Conversation with My Tegaru Friend

Today, I had a telephone conversation with one of my long-time Tegaru friend who lives in one of the cities in Oromia. The city I’m talking about is not Finfinnee.

After conversing on some social aspects of our friendship we went straight to politics. We talked about the ongoing change in the country. From our conversation, I understood that we have similar opinion on a lot of things regarding the ongoing change in the country although we had some differences on some issues. But as any Tegaru, he didn’t hide his concern about what he described “propaganda that does not differentiate between TPLF and the people of Tigray.” He has a point!

My friend told me about what he observed in Mekelle when he visited his family a few weeks ago. He said one of the happiest city now turned into hell: security is tense; prices of basic goods are high; the people, especially the youth, feel they are being spied on by security agents and fear that they could be arrested anytime for any reason. He told me about cases of many people who disappeared. He suspects that those people were most likely detained in unknown locations inside Tigray. The reason: TPLF fears that they may organize protests against it. 

Upon his return from Tigray to the city in Oromia, my friend took two of his younger brothers with him. What surprised me the most is the reason of his decision: “Tigrayans feel safe in any part of the country than in Tigray.” Very sad! Only few days ago TPLF people were boasting on TV saying Tigray is the most “democratic” and “peaceful” place.

I couldn’t control my tears when my friend told me that he hired someone to teach his brothers Afaan Oromo. One region is better than other region even in the same country!

P.S. I asked my friend if I could write about our conversation without mentioning his name. He gave me his consent saying he wanted more people to know what Tigrayans are going through. 

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